Tamworth Aero Club

Your club will be open all day over the Festival weekend. The bar is open from 12.00 and meals will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We won’t have our usual menu as our tiny kitchen wouldn’t cope (not to mention the brave souls that work in it).

Consider leaving the car at home. Thanks to Hannaford’s, buses will be running to and from the airport. The times, routes and costs are available on the website. While we have parking sites for just over 600 cars, we anticipate they will be required for out of town visitors.

If you are a volunteer for the weekend’s activities, please ring the club (67615104) me (0419 978011) or email.  

As part of the Festival, there will again be an exhibition in the foyer of the Tamworth Regional Art Gallery.The mini exhibition should continue until the end of October.  We’ll be in touch with more details.

We anticipate many more students attending the careers day 17th. Bookings are essential for this due to security issues.

So as much as we need rain here in Tamworth, fingers crossed for good flying weather for the weekend.

Looking forward to having you join us for what should be a fun weekend.